For those of you keeping track, today, Wednesday, August 24th, 2022, marks the 182nd day of the war in Ukraine. Almost half a year. Those of you of a particular generation may remember watching the nightly news (we only had three networks then) when the anchorman would say every day in a serious voice, “Today marks day (fill in the number) that our hostages have been held in Iran.” I’ve kind of become that way with this war in Ukraine; one can’t help but count the days and wonder when it will be over. For the record, the Iranian hostage crisis lasted 444 days.

In today’s news, according to Ukrainska Pravda, Ukrainian special forces (SSO) have recently shared a video filmed during operations where they destroyed bridges in an attempt to cripple Russian resupply routes. The video was filmed several weeks ago, but it was not cleared for public distribution until recently for unspecified security reasons.

Here, we see what appears to be drone footage of the destruction of a bridge. Through statements they have made in Telegram, the SSO informs us this damage was done in the Donetsk region of Ukraine. Video courtesy of YouTube via SSO and Telegram.