AnnMarie Halterman
Veteran – Air Force 1996-2002

Weapon of Choice: Intensely Healing
Photography (Signed, Unframed)
11″x 14″

As a founder of Uniting US, AnnMarie personally experienced the healing and uniting power of the arts. As the Executive Director of Uniting US, her artwork often represents the creativity and skill of Uniting US artists.

Consider the Weapon of Choice: Intensely Healing’s proposition: The bayonet is a weapon of war, recognized by most as lethal, yet, it is also part of making eloquent artwork. The bayonet is Marine veteran artist David Horan’s paintbrush.

Uniting US is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that works to inspire, empower, and unite veterans, their family members, and the communities in which they live through the healing power of the arts. To purchase this artwork, learn more about this artist or hundreds of other military artists, or make donations please visit our website at

All sales from Intensely Healing will be donated to Uniting US to support veterans to publicly exhibit meaningful, original artworks. You can contact Uniting US here.