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Crybaby Costco Karen Can’t Contain COVID Correctly; Collapses on Can to Cry Constitution

Send in the clowns — don’t bother they’re here!

Did you know that you are all Americans and have constitutional rights? Did you know that you are human beings and not animals? Did you know that black lives matter? This Costco Karen… she really believes most people don’t realize that as an American she has constitutional rights! Karen is probably the type of civic-minded gash that believes that she needs to remind the police on every occasion that she, in fact, pays their salaries.

Karen, you need to ask the cops for their badge number — they love that. Then you need to ask to see their supervisor — my, does that thrill them so. Finally, you need to remind them all that you — Costco Karen — pay their cock-a-dooty salaries. They will thank you profusely, show you pictures of their kids, and dismiss whatever ticket they were going to write you up for.

I’m sorry but what a whooah! She walks around with a mask on but just dangling from one ear, refusing to hook the other side to make it an actual mask. $hit, Karen… what if I just put one leg in my trousers and left the other one out walking around Costco with my Schwanz hanging out — those just wouldn’t quite be pants now, would they? Then Karen stages a one-bitch sit-in to protest her constitutional rights being violated.

Costco Karen, in a fit of pout, collapsed to her can on the Costco floor to protest the violation of her constitutional rights. Here she is seen telling the store’s General Manager that she fully intends to hold her breath until she turns hypoxic blue.

Blond Bitch Boisterously Bashes BLM,

Melissa Rein Lively, the CEO of PR company “The Brand Consortium” in Scottsdale, filmed herself trashing a face mask display at Target

Wow, entitled and privileged Mel with her $40,000 Rolex watch. There must be a healthy dose of peace of mind knowing she’s strapped on $40k worth of accuracy. The thing is, you get even higher accuracy with a $5.00 Swatch because it’s digital, and no mechanical analog device can match that. That wealth comes with a price tag though, because mischievous Mel is clearly falling off the rails, losing her marbles, flying over Hiroshima with her bomb bay doors stuck shut.

It is not clear to me what her principal beef is here. At first, she seems sated with the pandemic, then toward the end, she suddenly seems replete with the antics of ANTIFA and the riotous BLM. She appears embittered by the notion that ANTIFA and BLM are imbued with rights to riot that she doesn’t have, what with her being blond, white, sporting such chronographic opulence. Mel feels slighted and senses a conspiracy: