(Warning: offensive content)

Perverted Punk Pumps Pud Prolifically, Performs Penis Perforation, Professes to Prosecute

Oh, snap… Eric’s at it again — his carrot, that is.

I’m put in mind of the days and the mentality when folks tried suing tobacco companies for “giving” them lung cancer. This guy, Eric Esavillo, chokes his chicken to Chattanooga stalking hos on a gaming site, jams up his Johnson, and wants the site to pay him damages. If I’m not mistaken Twitch is a streaming platform — not a masturbation site. If anything he is at fault for abusing the site by abusing himself with it. You and I both know this dick smear probably strained himself trying to rub one off while looking at the women’s summerwear apparel section in Sears Catalogue.