Pilot Spells out FU to Michigan Governor

No clearer way to deliver a message than to write it in big letters in the sky. In the day we used to write shit like “I LOVE YOU JILL,” or, “MARRY ME PEG.” Now we sling the F-bomb up in skywriting to elected officials. America has become completely devoid of class, but it is kinda funny. Just how severely do you have to upset someone to get them to do that? But then Ed Frederick could just have a hair-trigger and we could just as well be in for more skywriting from him:




Ed gets a high score in creativity. His act puts me in mind of another pilot practice that a good number of military pilots have been reprimanded for — sky penis drawing! They fly a route in the sky that draws a phallus, which shows up on the radars of Air Traffic Controllers, and whose vapor trails can be visible to us on the ground.

I learned of the phenomenon from a good friend and former writer for SOFREP, Alexander “A-Blast” Hollings. He posted a dozen or so of these sky penis drawings to our Facebook Writers’ Guild page.

Example of sky penis “drawn” by U.S. Navy pilot who was subsequently grounded for his art.

The Pee-in-your-Pants Challenge

Social-media bozos are now peeing their pants out of lockdown boredom (NYPost.com).

Will you voluntarily piss your pants, video it, and post that video to the public?

“Yes, yes we will! I mean, we licked public toilet seats… why wouldn’t we go wee in our trousers?? Give us some credit, dude!” cried America’s youth. If you like to see that sort of thing, urine luck! We captured the business right here in the Roundup: Link to the Pee-in-Pants Challenge.

But don’t go blaming the kids for this puerile behavior — it’s not their fault. It’s the fault of the overbearing boredom due to being locked down in quarantine for months. So it’s really the CV-19 that is at fault here, not the kids. But then the Chineez are the ones to blame for creating and leaking the CV-19 virus, so it is ultimately the Chineez who are to blame for our children tinkling in their trousers. Man, can we ever stop thanking the Chineez for all the gifts they have bestowed on us in 2020?

76,693 Americans murdered by the CCP virus — thanks, Chiner!

Our children apparently have less and less to do these days and have taken to these fads. They started innocuous enough, right? I mean the worst thing that happened in the beginning was that the person pouring the ice water slipped and dumped it on their head by accident; nobody died. Then came the spoonful of cinnamon; I don’t think anybody died. And now there is the Illuminati practice of eating tide pods; kids died.

Propane torch when geo was a kid: “Propane.”

Propane torch today: “Propane — Do Not Point Toward Face!” WTF has changed here, kids?

Jimmy Kreezle’s job interview: “Thank you for showing interest in National Security Technology, Mr. Kreezle. I must say, your résumé looks quite impressive and… oh… oh dear… there appears to be a video of you on the Internet that shows you willfully recording yourself urinating in your pants. Yeah, uh… we don’t have anything available right now — perhaps try McDonald’s?”

Picture of the day: U.S. Army Parachute Team Golden Knights Drop in on Atlantic City

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This is a video explaining the consumption of Tide Pods challenge if you need enlightenment.

Utter Covidiots Who Cut Holes in Masks

Well in an earlier issue of the Roundup we did establish that our country does not recruit its navy’s aircraft carrier skippers from our pool of convenience store clerks. I’m confident that one of the questions in the poor woman’s job interview was not:

“Do you understand the proper use of the N95 surgical mask?” More likely they asked something to the effect:

“Would touching bare weenies while reloading the hotdog roller grill make you feel uncomfortable?”

Weenie Machinee.

I’m not picking on women either; I have seen a tiger’s share of photos of male Covidiots going full donkey with their masks: poking holes in them so they can smoke or sip their drink through a straw, or pulling them down so they can eat. In my learning of operations in red/chem/bio environments the hard-fast rules on the most basic level of operation are:

You don’t eat!

You don’t drink!

You don’t smoke!

and you don’t mess around with Jim!

I added the last one but the other three are totally legit.

Chix I Wouldn’t Try to Tap

Pout? What is that? What does that mess in the pic have to do with pouting? We Cajuns call pouting ‘”bouder” and one who is bouder-ing is a “boudon”… an you be a boudon by hanging down ya great big “babine” — ya boo-boo lip. So “apres pendre la babine” means ya hanging ya boo-boo lip down and pouting. It ain’t have nothing to do with no big fat-lipped sistah!

Is she pretty now? Was she pretty before? It’s impossible to tell with all that mess she’s got on her face — definitely wouldn’t want to try to tap that! Why, I’ll bet even Big Steve Balestrieri wouldn’t want to hit it. How do I explain that detachment of hers from reality?

Well, she’s a philosophy major, so she’s got nowhere in life to go with that “intellect.” Perhaps that led her to lean harder on her physical beauty in a grossly disillusioned fashion?

How about the being from Bulgaria part — what even is Bulgaria? It’s like a place that even Russians wouldn’t go to if they could escape from Russia. Russians sit in squalid speakeasies in St. Petersburg because they have no jobs and no hope and no money… and they clink their glasses of vodka to together:

Na zdravlje, tovarisch… at least, comrades, we are not in Bulgaria — na zdravlje!”

How’s she even going to wear her CV-19 protective mask?

And Finally…

I’m rapidly becoming a fan of the Epoch Times news magazine. Here is a link to a coronavirus documentary by Epoch Times. It is one of the two best documentaries I have seen on the subject; the other documentary was also a product of the Epoch Times.

By Almighty God and with honor,
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geo’s meme of the week:

Folks who are uncomfortable with reality don’t like this meme — jus’ sayin’…