“What are you doing this Veterans Day?” This is a question I’ve been asked many times this week. “I don’t know, when’s that?” I replied. I wasn’t being a smartass; it’s not like I have it circled in bright red marker on my calendar or something. For the record, it’s the 11th—November 11th of every year in the United States.

“Great,” I thought. “No mail and the banks are going to be closed. How does that help me out?” 

Chances are they’ll be eating burgers and drinking beer…and that’s just fine with me.

I’m not knocking Veterans Day; it’s great that people want to recognize those who served. However, I feel that it should be a private recognition that each individual can choose to make. That’s what we’re all about as a nation: freedom of choice.

There is an upside, I’m a cheap bastard, and there are all kinds of deals to be had on the second VD of the year (the first being Valentine’s Day). I just checked it out, and Bonefish Grill is offering a free order of Bang Bang Shrimp and a soft drink today to veterans and current service members. I like Bang Bang Shrimp… a good sauce. Also, you can pick up a free donut from Dunkin’ on your way home. No word on whether you get coffee or not. And while we’re talking about coffee, Starbucks treats veterans, active duty members (sorry, Guard and Reserve), and military spouses to a free 12 oz hot or iced brewed coffee. Cool. I like Starbucks as well, and I love the fact that they are donating $0.25 from every cup of hot brewed coffee sold that day to Team Red, White & Blue, and Headstrong to support the mental health and well-being of military communities.