On Tuesday morning, with 97 percent of the vote in, it appears that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has won a big re-election in a contentiously contested campaign. Now that the Israeli elections have taken place, the U.S. presidential election could prove to be a monumental shift in policy, depending on who wins in November.

This time 71 percent of the registered voters turning out to vote, which was up from 69.8 percent in September’s election despite predictions of voter apathy. This was the third election in less than a year and aimed to end the political stalemate. Over 200,000 people who didn’t vote in September turned out to vote this time, including even nearly 5,800 people who are quarantined due to the coronavirus, according to the Jerusalem Post. 

However, voter turnout in Tel Aviv was way down. This was an area where Netanyahu’s opponent Bennie Gantz was out in the streets with a megaphone, begging people to get out and vote. 

Netanyahu won 59 seats in the election, which is down by one from the 60 predicted in the initial exit polls. The new prediction leaves him two seats short of holding the majority in the Knesset.