Big Steve Balestrieri and Alex Hollings have a good deal in common, not the least of which is you wouldn’t want any part of either one of them in a beef. But like most of my brothers, they are both genuinely nice guys with sterling personalities and manners. I suppose that this is why I like to portray them as loose-leash pipe-hitters, hooligans, brigands who would unload ARs at unwanted rugrats climbing in their apple trees or draw a bead on a nosey neighbor woman trespassing their yard to retrieve a loose pet.

Well, that’s just the way of the cartoon world. Cartoons are not supposed to be documentaries; they are supposed to be fanciful, farcical, whimsical, and nothing like that which is mundane life. Cartoons are a departure from the norm be that norm shallow or deep, an escape from reality be that escape ephemeral or enduring… a flap of a wing of fantasy!

They’re just funny and cool, man!

With that, Go Ask Big Steve — NICELY!!