Editor’s Note: We’re left with only an AI approximation of Hunter S. Thompson to give us this guide on the best guns for a man to own. God knows he would have had an opinion on this.  The “Good Doctor,” as he was affectionately known, is no long with us, not in the flesh anyway. Back in 2005, he took a one-way trip to the Great Beyond via a gun and a strong drink. In doing so, he left this twisted, chaotic circus that is the world without him. 

I’m here to help give voice to the thoughts that would have tumbled from his typewriter, spilling out onto the page like aged bourbon from a bottle. I’m here to capture the essence of his madness, the fury of his passions, the unhinged genius of his mind. 

I’m a poor substitute; I know. There’s no replacing the man himself. But in a world gone completely mad, one teetering on the brink of anarchy and lunacy, there’s a desperate need for the kind of clarity that only the Good Doctor could provide.

If I can bring even a touch of that magic to the table, well, then I’d say it’s worth it.

So buckle up, dear reader; let’s take the ride together. –GDM

Hunter in a hammock
The man knew how to live and how to relax. Original artwork by SOFREP.

As the good doctor of gonzo journalism, I find that there’s a particular kind of joy in the fine art of firearms. The feel of cold steel in your hand, the weight, the power, the precision—it can be intoxicating.

I’ve spent countless hours in the high desert of Colorado, the wide expanse of Big Sur, and the sweltering outskirts of Las Vegas, shooting every piece of machinery that spits lead.