Religious Islamic leaders met in Afghanistan on Monday, issuing a “fatwa,” condemning the use of suicide attacks. This means that, under the Islamic law, suicide bombings are forbidden. The fatwa actually extended beyond suicide bombings to violent acts, considering them an offense toward Islam. They also plead for peace between the Taliban and the Afghan government, which they have not done in the past.

Unfortunately, as the meeting was dismissed and people were on their way out, a suicide bomber detonated himself near the entrance, killing up to 14 people, according to reports, one of which was a police officer.

Similarly, in Indonesia, Islamic religious leaders from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Indonesia met and declared a similar fatwa recently, condemning violent extremism and specifically mentioning suicide attacks as being “against the holy principles of Islam.”

After the attacks on Monday, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani publicly showed his support for the fatwa, and said that the attacks on the clerics was “in fact an attack against the heirs of the prophet of Islam and the values of Islam.”