On a planet, in a galaxy far far away lives a MAGA hat… shoot, wrong movie.

Fingernails on black paint of a hot car hood in Los Angeles… Here we go.

Who woulda thunk it? The first appearance of a hat is from an Egyptian tomb dating back to 3,200 BC? Hats were originally designed to keep us cool and I guess they still serve the same purpose. But cool is relative these days.

There is the “cool” of wearing a hat in the hot sun during a whale-watching tour. And then, there’s the “cool” of your dad wearing a MAGA hat to a Justin Bieber concert.

Note: If you have a hat fetish and want to enter a hat time machine, please visit this link

The Problem

In ‘Merica today, liberty and justice for all has been replaced with liberty and justice for “my side.” This is a problem.

Our political system is a Silicone Valley duopoly. We are divided in half and there are only two teams to pick.

Me being ex-military gets me auto lumped into one bucket. My first apartment in New York? The owners didn’t want to rent it to me because I was a former Navy SEAL and afraid I would torture everyone in the building.