Today, we here in the United States celebrate our 245th year as a country. And it is important to remember not only the Declaration of Independence but the men who brought about the new nation.

When it came to the Declaration of Independence, among our Founding Fathers none was more important than Thomas Jefferson. The Continental Congress named a drafting committee, the Committee of Five (John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Livingston, and Roger Sherman) to compose a declaration of independence in June 1776.

Jefferson was selected among the group to be the primary drafter of the declaration because his style of writing was considered the most eloquent in the group — which is in itself something to ponder considering his company. 

What Was the Slave Trade Passage in the Declaration of Independence?
The Declaration of Independence, without the slave passage that Jefferson wanted to be added.

Jefferson tried to express the unity of all “Americans” against what was deemed the tyranny of King George III towards the people of the American colonies.