The Master Sergeant promotion list just came out, and it has many confused about what they are even looking at. The list seems to raise more questions than answers: What does Most Qualified (MQ) mean? Am I getting promoted? How do I read the list?

This article is geared to better explain the list and not stir up the mud even more.

Roughly 2,000 Special Forces soldiers were considered for promotion to the rank of Master Sergeant. That’s a large pool of men that generally have the same schools, deployments, and awards.

What is Most Qualified (MQ)? 

If you’re looking at the list and on the far right side it says MQ, that means you are in the top five percent for your Career Management Field (CMF). Congrats. However, this does not mean you’ll be promoted this go around. Conversely, just because you do not have an MQ next to your name, that doesn’t mean you won’t be promoted either.

We do not know the target number for MSG promotions that HRC has come up with.

This makes it almost impossible to forecast who will be getting promoted. Additionally, this makes it very difficult for senior leaders to assign positions for those they are projecting to be promoted.

Where do I find my Order of Merit List (OML) number?

Your OML is located on the Army Career Tracker (ACT) page. You’ll need a username and password or your CAC to get in. Once in, go to “TRACK” on the left column, then “OML LIST.”