I spent the last few days in the field with an Army National Guard unit for an upcoming story as the soldiers were conducting their individual weapons qualifications. I talked with the soldiers about several things — everything from geopolitics to the best place to get real, authentic Mexican food. One of the other subjects I brought up was the Army’s recent adoption of the Army Greens (aka pinks and greens) service uniform, which, according to Stars and Stripes, will be hitting the force beginning in 2020.

I’d estimate that about 50 percent of the soldiers I spoke with had not heard about the new uniform at all; it just isn’t on their radar. The other half that had heard about it were split — some liked the idea and were excited to wear the uniform, while others told me they prefer the current Army Service Uniform (ASU).

A recent poll conducted by the Army Times showed that an overwhelming 72 percent of people surveyed were in favor of the new uniform, while just 28 percent would rather the Army stick with the ASU. People on Reddit were divided as well, but one question seems to be on the forefront of every soldier’s mind: how is the Army going to pay for it? The Army plans for the uniform to be “cost neutral,” but how is that going to be achieved?

“Cool. Can’t wait to be forced to buy another $600 worth of uniform shit. ‘at [sic] no additional expense to the tax payer’ screams we are making joe and the O’s pay for it out of pocket,” wrote Reddit user u/Pickle_riiickkk.