Dedication of this writing goes to SOFREP’s Mr. Henri Smith, 82nd Airborne Division.

“The Poor We Shall Always Have Among Us, but Why the Hungry?

And why the child molesters? Who are the child defilers among us and why are there so many of them yet nobody seems to be one?

I am put in mind of a Facebook monologue I once viewed that made me raise an eyebrow. It came in various flavors but it was, invariably, to this tune:

“I hate rude idiot drivers who cut people off on the freeway.”

“Oh, I would never do that; I hate them too!”

“Hear, hear, brothers and sisters. I would never do it either but loathe them, that I do!”

“Yes, yes… I couldn’t possibly cut anyone off; I hate them too! My, how I do so hate them so, those people, those vermin, those substandard Untermensch[sic] … those inflamed boils on the buttock of the Earth!”

And so it went on and on.

I had to ask myself: “self, wait a cotton-pickin’ minute here… there are about 300 people here in this thread all saying the same thing, yet I am still getting cut off on the freeway. That could only mean one thing: some of them are liars?!”

“Liars” is a strong word to be certain. These people are not liars, though they have all likely cut someone off driving at some point in their lives, and so it is with me as well. Of course, when I did it I was in my full right to do it. It was justified at the time so that time didn’t count, and I’m therefore not a liar.

Then if not for the much-too-strong medicine of being a liar, what then do they make of themselves, those incapable of coming to terms with the truth?

Your honor, if it pleases the court, I submit to you the case of NBC’s television series”To Catch A Predator” with Rick Hansen. In the episodes, Dateline uses online decoys and a rented house to lure child predators into a recorded forum where they are exposed and interviewed.

For your viewing pleasure, I invite you to watch this segment that I find dishonorably disturbing. This guy, according to this guy, is anything but a child predator:

I have seen every episode of the series as many as 12 times each. Here are some commonalities I have observed among the brotherhood of blasphemous bastards:

  • They are mostly Caucasian
  • They all only came just to “hang out”
  • They ALL claim it is their first time attempting an encounter with a minor for sex
  • They claim they had no intention of actually following through with the act
  • The majority carried condoms and claimed that they always carried condoms with them, even those that were married
  • None of them seem to remember the victim’s age, though it is apparent in chatroom transcripts
  • They all swear they are going to get rid of their computers and never go on the internet again
  • All insisted they were really good people
  • They all insisted they were not “real” predators

We can go all day with smart-ass comebacks to the last bullet—yeah, right:

  • You’re just a fake predator
  • You’re just a part-time predator
  • You’re an amateur predator operating on a learner’s permit with no intention of going pro
  • You’re not an actual child predator, but you played one on TV
  • You’re simply a child predator-like substance composed entirely of anti-matter and existing in a parallel universe
  • You’re just sampling, with no real intent to buy
  • You might just be a great big ol’ creep

Am I to reckon that the temptation and availability are too powerful, that opportunity doesn’t Just knock, it breaks down doors?

Very few, if any, are sitting in their residences at night lamenting to themselves how utterly despondent they feel for having violated a minor child. I have it on good faith with Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost that they are not contemplating how, under the circumstance, it was a despicable and deplorable act as they inch closer to the keyboard of their computer. It is on record that one man was caught in a child predator sting two days before he was to report to prison for (guess what) violating a minor. Oh, the Hindenburg just keeps crashing!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I implore you … I almost don’t know what to tell you to make you feel better about all of this. I know I feel just awful myself about it all. It’s like this to make you feel so much worse: If I were to grab a group of ten random folks off the street and ask them to raise their hands, those who were child predators… none of them would raise their hands, but at least one of them would be lying.

He knows who he is, but he’s not raising his hand; Why not?

Because he’s not a real laminated card-carrying child violator. Nobody really is, or at least very very few really are, not in their own minds that is to say. Why, that guy in prison who stole all the shit from the people’s house one night is not guilty. Society OWED him that stuff because he is and has been such a victim all his life, and he was just collecting what was owed him.

It is a fundamental failure of society to take accountability, take responsibility, take stock in deeds done for what they are truly worth in our community as a whole—call me cooky!

Mrs. Betty Baronowski is a middle-aged mother of three school-age children. Her husband is a financial consultant for a mediocre finance company. They have a dog in a fenced-in yard and a turtle confined to a glass tomb. They watch TV alone in their rooms at night and text during dinner.

Betty will shoplift a minor item at Walgreens because she is just too Goddamned mother fucking lazy to pay for it that day. Besides, she goes to church on Sundays, belongs to her kids’ PTA, and recycles paper and plastics. She gets a pass for that little white shoplift.

“Excuse me, ma’am … but you’re going to have to pay for that.”

Betty: “Pay for what??”

“You’re going to have to pay for the eyeshadow you slipped into your purse.”

“I beg your pardon, well I never … how dare you, sir!! This is simply an outrage!”

And Betty B. pays for the eyeshadow and goes on her way but not for a Staton Island Second does she consider herself a shoplifter, a thief, a crook. Remember the percent of people in jail currently who are innocent? The answer is 100% of them are innocent; just ask them.

It is highly probable that someone reading and commenting on this article’s comment section at is a child molester. It can’t be John Smith; he is married and has children.

Oh, for the love of God, then WHO is the child pedo fungus among-us? In my experience it has been:

The postal service worker; do you get mail?

The doctor; do you ever get sick?

The Information Technology specialist; do you use a computer?

The school teacher; did you ever go to school?

The religious leader; are you a person of spiritual faith?

The military service member; are you patriotic?

The construction worker; do you live indoors?

Your next door neighbor, the one who has the horrid azalea bushes and keeps leaving her garden hose just edged over the property line into your yard; heaven knows you have asked her to stop doing it and even threatened to call the police, yet she continues to do it … in fact, it is even there right now!

The pool boy; that’s just to drive my point home …

“Well, boys … it looks like we’ve got ourselves a rat! That’s right a rat … somebody here in this jail block is a rat! The thing is, which one of us is it, the rat?” And they think, and they search for clues, and they analyze and plot … and they kill each other off trying to find the rat until in the end there is nobody in the whole cell block, dancing to the jailhouse rock… except the rat. At that point, the prison culture revolves in accordance to the rat; tattling and snitching become the accepted norm.

Child violation doesn’t come without its rewards; it’s not an entirely thankless job like, say, a Sanitation Engineer. You get to have your picture in all the papers, and even on TV. You get to register in a database so that everybody knows where you live, what your name is, who you are: “That’s the lady that lives across the street from me, ol’ what-her-name, and that is the guy, ol’ whose-it, who lives on the corner… and over there that’s Frank Smith, the child molester/kiddy porn monger—good morning, Frank!”

What’s it truly worth?

In this “business” of catching these folks, I get asked time and again why people do this thing to a child, and to a child of their own family like I am supposed to know the answer. I don’t get the very face-value aspect of it at all, to begin with. I am lost in the different levels of the atrocity as perceived by the media:

“Oh my God, did you see in the news at there was a person raped?”

“Yes, but then did you know that the person was just a child legally?”

“Woah … and did you know the child was only six years old?”

“Strike me down, and the rapist was a member of the victim’s own family!!
“And to that end, the rapist was a priest, a Navy SEAL, a policeman, a fireman, a doctor, a lawyer … a plumber, for the love of almighty God.

I’m put in mind of my time in a foreign country where a soldier was chained to a stakeout in the hot sun of a summer day. I asked the local officer who I was with why the solder was being punished.

“For raping a young boy, geo,” he said

“That is awfully sad, sir,” I replied

“Yes geo, it is very awfully sad; the boy was not even attractive,” he added.

How can you experience that and not be changed? Chalk it up to those wacky nutty foreigners and their Mad Mad Mad Mad Culture! Thank God for the good ol’ US of A, where it is all normal and right again. Is it? Or is it really pretty much the same, only quieter?

If the guilty party in America is the Every-Man then who the hell even am I? Does anybody know? Does anybody really know? I robbed your house one day and then I came back the next day and said: “I’m so sorry; I heard you got robbed.”

I’m the Everyman!

I announced the new bill in Congress to combat human trafficking, then the next day I was arrested for child pornography on my computer.

I’m the Everyman!

I helped arrest a gang of four suspected of running a kiddy porn distribution ring in my city, then that weekend I was caught in a child prostitution sting operation run by an adjacent precinct.

I’m a judge, an airline pilot, a high school football coach, a taxi driver, a motivational speaker…

I’m the Everyman!

When people approach me for the answer to HOW: “How can people perpetuate this scourge of the Universe??” Since I am the man with all the answers, but none of the right answers, I gravitate to my default answer that is a non-answer at all:

“Just thank God that you don’t understand why …

Get it?”

I am the Everyman.

By God and with Honor,
geo sends