In a scary scenario that sounds like that of a bad B movie, Massachusetts state officials are drawing up plans on how to better serve the public. And they’re ready to cull the old, the infirm and the weak. Think it is far-fetched? Think again.

The Commonwealth has been looking at the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and is putting together a playbook for the worst-case scenario. Like every other state, medical professionals are working long hours and dealing with tough working conditions.

According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, as of April 9, out of 87,000 people that have been tested for the virus, 16,790 were positive and of these 1,400 have been hospitalized — the deceased number 356. And based on the number of daily infections in the state the virus’s curve does not seem to be flattening. 

With the spike in cases, the need for ventilators is possibly going to get critical soon. As of right now, the hospitals have enough, but what if the demand exceeds the supply? Massachusetts is hardly alone in asking the federal government for more ventilators. Meanwhile, officials from the Department of Public Health professionals have been putting together a 34-page playbook with guidance for hospitals on who gets a ventilator and more importantly who doesn’t.