As a former Navy SEAL who served in the Middle East and Afghanistan, I know firsthand the importance of stamina, both physical and mental, in high-stakes situations.

The President of the United States is our military Commander-in-Chief, the person we rely on to make swift and decisive decisions in times of crisis.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that President Joe Biden, with his frequent forgetfulness, afternoon naps, and early bedtimes, lacks the endurance required for this demanding role.

“But he has good staff around him.”, is something I have heard often. Good staff is nothing without a competent leader in charge to lead them and Biden is not in his right mind.

Putin and Xi of China don’t operate on a 9-to-5 schedule, and neither should our President.

Imagine a scenario where Vladimir Putin decides to invade another country. The situation would demand immediate attention, strategy, and strong leadership.

Similarly, if Iran were to seize an American tanker in international waters, we would need a President who could respond promptly, not one who is unavailable because it’s past their bedtime and they can’t remember what day it is.

The role of the President requires someone who is always on, ready to handle crises at any hour. Whether it’s a sudden terrorist attack, a natural disaster, or a cyber-attack on our nation’s infrastructure, the President must be alert, engaged, and capable of making quick, informed decisions.

Joe Biden’s current lack of physical and mental stamina is concerning and why even the New York Times is putting pressure on his camp to bow out gracefully.

We must acknowledge the reality: the job of the U.S. President is incredibly demanding. It requires someone who can endure long hours, maintain focus under pressure, and be available at a moment’s notice.

“One of the things, to go back to my various donor friends, something that in, of course, the last six months, has come up a bunch of times with donors who have had Joe Biden at their house, they are all freaked out by one thing that you guys will understand. He shows up- and it’s a group of people, the friendliest people you can imagine, they’re all writing him big checks. He speaks for about 15 minutes on prompter at every little dinner event,” Heilemann said on Friday’s podcast.

“He never ad-libs. He’s never just off prompter… I mean, you’re sitting with a bunch of, like, 40 multimillionaires who are writing you giant checks. You have 15 minutes of remarks to give over dinner, and you’re on prompter. Again, does that make him a bad president? No. Does that make him unfit to be president? No. Does it freak donors out that he needs to be on prompter? It freaks them out,” he said. -Yahoo News

Biden can’t even be in front of a small intimate and friendly donor group without having to use a teleprompter script to read from.

What does that say about someone’s mental faculty?

This isn’t about political differences; it’s about the fundamental capabilities required to lead the nation.

For the sake of America’s future and security, it’s time for President Biden to step aside. We need a leader who can meet the rigorous demands of the presidency, someone who possesses the vitality and resilience to handle the relentless pace and unpredictable nature of global affairs.

America deserves a President who can keep up, who can lead with vigor and unwavering commitment without having to take a nap or be spoon fed soft food talking points from a teleprompter.

Biden’s time has passed, and it’s time for him to truly put his country, not his family, first.

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