When I was at SEAL Team 3 we used to laugh about Jesse’s antics is a positive way. When he became a Governor some of the guys from his home state used to joke with us that their Governor could kick anyone else’s ass. Probably a true statement.

Then Jesse started getting weird, and joining up with the black helicopter crowd with Alex Jones. Granted there’s some legitimate conspiracy out in the world but the US government planning the September 11th, 2011 terrorist attacks isn’t one of them.

Even with all his crazy shit Jesse was still welcomed at the annual SEAL reunion, I’m not sure that’s the case anymore.

Bad enough that he can’t man up to taking a punch by Chris Kyle, worse that he’s going after a dead mans family.

I’ve spoken to a staff member at McP’s where the punch took place who confirmed the incident. Even if we give Ventura the benefit of the doubt, the fact that he’s still aggressively suing Chris’s widow Taya, and her children is inexcusable.

Ventura, in deposition, said Kyle’s book left him, “embarrassed and humiliated.”

Welcome to rock bottom Ventura. You’re a scumbag for going after a Chris’s widow, and you’re embarrassed and humiliated for good reason. Do the right thing, and let the family be.

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