My youngest son is 9 years old, and huge into sports. He plays soccer and basketball, and is a great little player. I’m not just saying that because I’m a proud parent, he’s really good, better than his much older siblings and their friends. His older brother and sister are the first to admit this, and it’s great, as a father, to see the way they support their younger brother.

We all have special talents to unlock inside of us, our job is to figure out what this is in our lifetime.

What does all this have to do with Stephen Curry and the NBA?

His was a name that kept coming up in conversations with my youngest son, and I admittedly just didn’t pay it much attention. That is, until my son and I spent a weekend together in New York recently, and we watched the Brooklyn Nets play (Thanks for the great seats John Bush). As I sipped a Brooklyn Lager, my little guy was giving me the entire scoop on both teams, and the players, he was a walking, talking sports wiki.  His play announcement was better than most professional sports casters. Team, stats, coaching styles, player injury reports, and this guy named Curry.