The Paradox

In the ever-tumultuous landscape of the Middle East, the notion of Palestinian statehood under the current Hamas regime is a paradox that defies logic and humanity.

Hamas, enshrined in their charter, explicitly calls for the destruction of Israel, making any potential for peaceful coexistence nearly impossible.

Not to mention the horrific and brutal attacks carried out by Hamas and likely funded by the Russian foreign intelligence service (SVR) in October of 2023.

Why would Russia be interested?

Notice the news cycle lately, and it’s dominated by the Gaza conflict with very little coverage going to Putin’s war in Ukraine.

But back to Hamas…

The charter, despite its 2017 revisions, still fundamentally rejects Israel’s right to exist, framing the conflict as a struggle against Zionist occupation rather than a religious war against Jews.

Palestinian Leader
Yehya Sinwar is the man thought to have been the mastermind behind the October 7 attacks on Israel.

This distinction, while superficially conciliatory, fails to change the underlying reality: Hamas’s endgame is the complete liberation of Palestine, which they interpret as the dismantling of Israel.