Twenty-four trillion USD in national debt and nearly 20 million unemployed. And neither Trump nor Biden have provided a clear path back from the COVID-19 financial abyss.

The only clear strategy for each party candidate is “I’m not him.” That’s not great leadership, folks. However, I’m going to leave presidential politics aside for one moment and focus on something that would fix the system that delivers us the choice of “Head or Gut punch?” in November.

The real sad thing I’ve reflected on recently is that our two-party system of politics is so toxic. Most of America’s great leaders (we have a lot of them) have a “Born to Lose” tattoo on their political bicep. Very few want to run for office because of the toxicity a modern campaign brings. People will search out any reason to light the internet torches and rally the mob.

How many of us did incredibly stupid things in our youth? Stuff that would make us cringe if we saw it today? It’s all fair game today, to be twisted and packaged up for the town square lynch mob.

Nothing is safe. Just ask Brett Kavanaugh.

I’m not a constitutional scholar but I’ve read enough to arrive at the conclusion that the founders of this country didn’t envision a system of government run by career politicians.

I’ve studied enough about economics and incentives to arrive at the conclusion that if Americans were to demand and implement just one thing, it would go a long way to fixing our political pigpen. Remove or put in place proper incentives and it drives behavior.

Term limits.