I’m as guilty as most folks in this business because I’ve dug through the Wikileaks archives. Being the overzealous dick I am, I’ve continuously gone through the archive, as I’m keen on understanding a conflict that I dedicated and sacrificed more than three years of my life to: the Iraq War.

In the archives, I found myself, in a sense, on a quest: a rather terrible mission in the greater sense of things. The few reports within the Wikileaks archive are short, abbreviated, and are missing all sense of human involvement. The archives contain simple reports that were passed from one higher headquarters to another—they lack more than a few detailed reports, and offer very little sense of the reality of the war.

I can’t help but to think of how many smug, self-entitled subject-matter experts have emerged after reading those single-side and often vague reports found within the Wikileaks archive. Yet, they know it all and are clearly legion within the conclave of typical pompous asses that are shoved down our throats via select media outlets, or as online crusaders, and even the loud-mouthed misinformed miscreants whom roam the street like hordes of zombies – seeking out brains as they lack their own to process independent opinions with.

Iraq, that place still irks me, as it’s all such a waste. It is a nation trapped in a constant state of turmoil via gun hand corruption and religious fervor -the results of what a faith-based government and poor education will do to a place. In retrospect, though, and quite honestly, I’d be much happier if we went in to do what all the whiny war protestors claimed that we were out to do – trade blood for oil.

Meh, call me whatever but resource based conflict is what war has always been. War takes many forms: in actual combat, commodities trading, daily transactions, subverting details, undermining co-workers, self-justified theft, bypassing laws thought unimportant, underpaying employees, passing up friends and family for monetary and/or personal gain, stealing media, misdirection in human interaction, and so on. Peacenik all you like, but we’re all guilty of taking what we want in one way or another – there is conflict, and there is your blood for oil in but another form.  It’s just a damned shame that we have to sugar-coat reality; all thanks to a social system that buries its head in the sand in regards to the reality of humanity. We are all wretched and despicable beasts at the end of the day – it is just a matter of how one lies to their self to sleep at night.

On to the matter at hand, with organizations omitted and replaced with the word “Unit” – I present the first report, from the publicly referenceable Wikileaks archive:

(EXPLOSIVE HAZARD) IED EXPLOSION RPT (Improvised Explosive Device (IED)) Unit IVO (ROUTE 08): 1 CF WIA