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Here are the answers to The Opinionated SOFREP Scavenger Hunt for April 6, 2013.

We had some ‘interesting’ answers this week (Gingivitis? Catnip???). However, the CORRECT answers are listed here.

1. What did Brandon Webb say about Time Magazine’s piece on DEVGRU?

TIME Magazine’s Blog Gets it ALL Wrong about SEAL Team Six: A Navy SEAL’s Perspective

2. Who does Brandon call his “old CO?”

US SOCOM Commander McRaven

3. Complete the sentence: Special Forces soldiers are so special is because of their ability to

earn trust in any environment they walk into

4. Give the title of article in which Brandon Webb said: there are more effective ways of getting information out of people than water boarding

SOFREP on Fox News: Interrogation Techniques & Zero Dark Thirty

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5. What environmental threat claimed the life of a U.S. Special Forces soldier a few years ago during training operations with Malian forces?

Severe sandstorms

6. Complete the sentence: Forcibly removing the teeth of your protectors without eliminating the teeth of your destroyers will ultimately result in…

a loss of peace and inevitably, the bitter taste of Malevolence.

7. Whose reaction shows quick thinking, good training and solid cajones?

Ahmed Dogan

8. Complete the sentence: Chris is an amazing example of

a warrior who lived the patriotism we speak of, the self-discipline of a saint, and of selfless love we can only hope for.

9. Who wrote: Coming in part two, a big dose of motherfucking reality.

Jack Murphy

10. Brandon writes: It’s become another extension of me and has diffused at least two potentially violent confrontations in a non-lethal way. What product is he writing about?

the Surefire P2X Fury Dual Output LED

11. At the end of his article, what does Blake Miles say to Charlene Lamb?

Consider my blood boiling, Miss Lamb

12. Who praised ‘the efforts of “the brothers” in wiping out the “apostates” in Syria’?

The Islamic State of Iraq

13. “The ability to communicate with the host nation’s own troops in their mother tongue is an operational dream come true!” Who is ‘enjoying’ this advantage and in what country?

French troops on the ground in Mali

14. Who did Iassen prophetically tell “Yes, you two are next, in case you were wondering”

Mokhtar Belmokhtar and Abu Musab Abdel Wadoud

15. Complete the sentence on SOF and PTSD: These men will have a significantly lower likelihood of experiencing trauma when they see combat because…

they are exceptionally prepared for it, they’re mature, and have had ample time to psychologically prepare for what is to come.


16. In our RANGERS VIDEO SERIES, Episode 9, Part 1, what three things did we learn?

1. The meaning of ‘recycled’
2. The proper use of iodine pills
3. The only time Nick Irving has ever cried….ever.

17. What recent security update did we make in Team Room?

We added SSL

18. Like we say in Survival Escape Evasion Resistance (SERE) school…

Survive with Honor

19. What three e-books are currently available in Team Room

1. No Easy Op
2. Benghazi: The Definitive Report
3. US Special Forces: Weapons Report Card

20. Who wrote the Best Comment of the Day about Mokhtar?


21. What’s the 5th bulletpoint precending Jester’s article Jester’s Loadout: The Laptop?

Full disk encryption across the board