On Thursday, the Okinawa prefectural assembly voted unanimously in support of a resolution that demands the immediate suspension of U.S. Marine Corps aircraft conducting flights or drills over local schools and hospitals. The decision follows an incident that involved a window falling out of a Marine Corps CH-53 helicopter over an elementary school last week, indirectly injuring one child.

“No more threat to the lives of people in Okinawa should be tolerated,” the resolution states.

The resolution goes on to state that there have been too many incidents involving American aircraft near and over Japan to tolerate, adding that the frequency of such incidents has gone up since last year. In October, another CH-53 Sea Stallion crash landed and caught fire on private property in the nearby village of Higashi.

“Accidents by the U.S. Marine Corps are continuing. We want to communicate to the U.S. side that we demand safe operations,” Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera told reporters after the incident at the school.