After Green Party candidate Jill Stein requested an official recount in Wisconsin, officials there have reaffirmed President-elect Donald Trump’s victory with one small change: they added 131 votes to his total.  According to the LA Times:

Donald Trump slightly widened his lead over Hillary Clinton in a recount of Wisconsin’s presidential contest, leaving him more than 22,000 votes ahead in the final tally.

The results effectively ended the recount efforts of Green Party presidential hopeful Jill Stein in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, the crucial Rust Belt states that Trump won by narrow margins.

Courts blocked the recounts that Stein had sought in Pennsylvania, which certified its results on Monday, and Michigan.

The Wisconsin recount that was completed Monday increased Trump’s victory margin there by 131 votes. He won 1,405,284 votes — 22,748 more than Clinton.

“The biggest reason for these small differences between the unofficial results on election night, the counties’ original canvasses and the recount results is human error,” said Michael Haas, administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

While Stein has stated that her recount effort was done to reassure Americans that the voting process was fair and wasn’t tampered with, all it has really done is continue to divide a country instead of helping it heal, all while thrusting Stein into the spotlight. The recounts and the protests/riots that have followed Trump’s victory have only served to delay any healing of our country from what was an extremely divisive political cycle.