The time to rehearse for a self defense emergency is not when an event is happening for real. That’s why in the SEAL Teams we constantly train and rehearse for worst case scenarios.

This week I want to talk about the importance of mental visualization as I discussed in “Flow”.  A lot of times just acting and not being paralyzed is enough to thwart an attacker. Practicing specific scenarios will help prepare you mentally to deal with real situations.  I wish we didn’t have to worry about it but unfortunately threats to woman these days are pervasive in the world we live in.

There are two scenarios I want to talk about that put theory to practice:

1. Mugging-if someone is just after money or material items and it looks like they’ll take it and leave you alone then give it to them and get out alive.  I mean this, don’t try and be a hero and get shot or stabbed (it happens) over $100 or your favorite Hermes or Coach purse.  Live to fight another day.