I turn up the music on my ipod as I quicken my pace, finally falling into a comfortable stride as I bulldoze through the shrubby trail. My breath becomes heavier and more cleansing with every step I take. The bass pulses through my headphones, sending adrenaline pumping through my veins as I hit mile six. A shadow catches my eye and I dismiss it, too focused on the monster of a hill I’m about to conquer up ahead. I see movement out of the corner of my eye, finally snapping me out of my runner’s high. I turn my head just in time to see his hands hooking around my neck, jolting me out of my stride and paralyzing me with fear. Or, wait… What if he lunges at me and we both fall to the ground? No, hold on… I turn just in time to see his gun pointed at me straight in the eye. Or maybe it’s only a knife to my throat.

You’ve just witnessed one of the hundreds of scenarios I run through my head daily during my runs. It usually gets me running my fastest, and the time passes more quickly as an extra bonus. Training for a marathon can get pretty boring, and turns into a mind game more than anything else. I realized after reading Brandon’s recent article  about mental visualization “Flow“, and starting to read Escape the Wolf: A Security Handbook for Traveling Professionals, that I’ve been training myself against potential attackers for years. If you haven’t already, check them out; They’re great reads.

And I believe every word of it, too. I doubt I’m the only girl who has ever played out how they would fight their attackers if ever in a situation in which they needed to. Are you going to kick up your heel and nail him between the legs? Throw up an elbow to the nose? How about sinking your teeth into the arm that’s dragging you away? Of course, these are just a few of my personal tactics I’ve imagined condoning on my attackers. And after last week’s post, I can add the palm strike and eye gouge to my list. (Thanks, Brandon!) According to Escape the Wolf, “…Running scenarios of reaction through your head will better prepare you for possible attack”.  It makes perfect sense. The theory of envisioning success can be applied to any situation. (Another reason why Brandon’s Flow article can be taken into account by everyone.) Even becoming more aware of your surroundings and consistently assessing your environment is a simple, easy first step to start with. Sound like a no brainer? How many times have you almost run into someone on the sidewalk because whatever you’re reading on your cell phone is more important than where you’re walking? Ever thought of how vulnerable this makes you?

So start planning and KNOW your surroundings. Sometimes it’s safe to walk and text and other times you are making yourself an easy target. Get those reflexes ready so if (God forbid) you ever find yourself under attack, you can walk away (Er… Ok, use your Surefire Self Defense flashlight on them and run away) effortlessly and unscathed.

Powerful women need powerful tools.  Visualization and Awareness should be at the top of the list.

Fashion Extra
SOFREP is showcasing our friend and fashion stylist Sally Lyndley to bring you the latest fashion tips.  We want to keep you looking your finest while kicking ass.

This week’s latest:
JW Anderson appears to be London’s most hyped new(ish) designer.  More and more street blogger faces have been popping up in his clothes. There are some great solid items here too, it’s not all fluff and fantasy.
Awesome Items: Plaid Long Skirts, Oversized Sweaters, Platform Penny Loafers, Plaid Shirt/Skirt Combo, Vinyl Shirt/Trouser Hook Ups, Long Polka Dot Knit Looks.

SOFREP JW Anderson Fall Winter 2012

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