According to recent reporting from Business Insider, the world’s top thirty-five militaries have been identified through a series of analytical and data collection means.  Using data compiled from Global Firepower and The Center For Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, Business Insider created a useful infographic that visually displays the results of their analysis.

We wanted to identify the results of Business Insider’s product and share it with the SOFREP readership due to the comparative and learning value that comes from it.  Especially in today’s conflict-saturated global environment, a country’s ability to influence the world and its sphere of influence more often than not relies heavily on its ability to employ its hard mechanisms of power, namely the military.

As SOFREP has previously reported, despite the fact that recent conflicts have turned away from conventional force-on-force engagements and instead emphasized unconventional and asymmetric warfare (and all the growing pains and learning curves associated with such a shift), it is just as critical to examine and question the conventional capabilities of current world military standings.

Flaunting hard power with a grandiose parade, courtesy of Reuters.

As was identified during the information gathering stage of this project, there are “many factors that help determine which  military is the world’s most powerful.  Among them are: manpower, military budget, access to resources, and the amount of equipment”, for starters.