Preaching Socialism/ Living Capitalism

America may be the safest place in the world to preach Socialism to others while prospering under Capitalism. That’s the life of Bernie Sanders, who somehow managed to take our racist, rigged, hopelessly flawed Capitalist system and make it work for him. His net worth is said to be over $2 million. He managed to do that with a salary that is just about three times that of the average income in the U.S.

We should all be ashamed that Bernie can’t do better than that under Capitalism. He and other Democratic Socialists certainly are. It’s so upsetting that Senator Sanders believes that the entire Free-Market Capitalist system must be replaced with a Democratic Socialist system that ensures everyone can do as well as he has as a Capitalist living Socialist. But what is Democratic Socialism? What does it mean?

Looking into its definition is a leap down the rabbit hole. You see Socialism isn’t just one thing to its adherents. None of them agree on what Socialism means so you have to break it down to its most basic objective. The Democratic Socialists of America on their website say that Democratic Socialism means this: