Saudi Arabia and its coalitions fighting the Iranian-backed Houthi movement in neighboring Yemen announced that they conducted airstrikes targeting rebel missile sites and Iranian military personnel stationed at these sites.

On Monday, the Saudi-led coalition launched several of these airstrikes on Yemen’s capital, which is occupied by the Houthi rebels. This comes just two days after the rebels launched a drone-and-missile attack targeting the Saudi capital of Riyadh. They also launched several others in northwestern Amran province.

The Saudis hit a number of high-value targets including the presidential palace compound, a military school, as well as an airbase close to Sanaa airport. Local citizens reported to the media that loud explosions could be heard across the city.

Saudi officials stated that they conducted more than 12 airstrikes that hit Sanaa on Monday, including six strikes on a military academy north of the capital and four on a military airbase that is within the Sanaa International Airport. 

The Saudi media reported that the head of the Saudi-led coalition, Saudi Colonel Turki al-Maliki, said that “legitimate military targets” of the Houthi movement, were struck in response to the Yemeni militias’ ballistic missile attack on Saturday on Riyadh and other areas of the kingdom.

Maliki added that the targets included sites used by the Houthis for storing and assembling various weapons such as missiles and drones, along with positions manned by Iran’s Quds Force. Both Riyadh and Washington have long accused Tehran of shipping advanced arms to the Houthis, a Zaidi Shiite Muslim group.

Around midnight on Saturday night, Saudi Arabia’s Air Defence Forces intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile over the capital of Riyadh. Another missile was also intercepted and destroyed over the southern Saudi city of Jizan, which borders Yemen, according to state media.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and other members of their coalition have waged a five-year campaign to oust the Houthi militia, which is supported by Iran, and return control of the country to the internationally recognized government.