Special Operations warfighters live and die by the ‘No Man Left Behind’ motto. The operational environment that SOF teams find themselves in, that is working in small numbers and behind enemy lines, makes adherence to that motto even more important.

A paragon example of the determination of SOF units to leave no one behind, dead or alive, is the infamous Black Hawk Down mission in Mogadishu, Somalia, in 1993. Although the pilots of the first MH-60 Black Hawk to go down were dead, the Delta operators and Rangers refused to depart without first salvaging the bodies of their brethren.

Now, the Navy SEAL Museum is partnering with Project Recovery, a non-profit organization dedicated to recovering the remains of fallen American servicemen, to recover two Frogmen who perished in the Pacific theater of operations in the Second World War.

The Frogmen, Chief Howard Roeder, Swimmer John MacMahon and Swimmer Robert Black, were conducting a reconnaissance of Japanese positions near the Island of Yap. According to reports, the three UDT men were captured and executed by the Japanese. Their remains have never been found.