Hey Team Room members, Nick sent me a few Hardshoot t-shirts yesterday as prizes for last month’s Loadout Room trivia contest, and they are BADASS! (Sidenote to Di, kevin, Muskrat, Jon, and N3V3R_SRRNDR: INCOMING!)

We held a little survey yesterday, and the results are in. It’s not surprising that you definitely want the shirts – what is surprising is that none of you fessed up that the shirts just don’t fit your ’70’s-style wardrobes!


What you haven’t seen is the clean and simple ‘Hardshoot’ name on the front of the shirt – just pro.

I spoke with Nick last night and not only does he have a bunch of other designs, but he’s also getting TONS of interest from fellow Rangers and fans.

So please stand by. We will see what we can do.


Actual Hardshoot Reaper 33 T-shirt Image
Actual Hardshoot Reaper 33 T-shirt Image