In this episode we address your comments and questions, including some background info on SWCC, comments on speculation of Hillary running with McRaven in 2016, and some info on Wilkow’s appearance last episode.

Brandon gets into the topic of Internet catfishing, which has become a big deal in the SEAL and Special Ops community. This issue was the source of the hit documentary “Catfish,” now an MTV show, but catfishing is more than people impersonating others for romantic connections. There’s been a big surge of people impersonating military folks online, and some of these people have even fooled the best. Brandon talks about how NBA Star Chris “Birdman” Andersen had an issue with a woman impersonating his identity online, a problem which almost cost him his NBA career.

Evan Hafer, former Army Special Forces Green Beret comes on the show to talk about his new company, TwistRate, which he founded with Jeff Kirkham. TwistRate is a site that active-duty military and veterans can use for to receive startup money from supporters, and also provides business mentorship.

We also touch on some key and heated political issues currently making the news.

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