Former DEVGRU/SEAL Team Six combat veteran Kristin Beck joins us. Kristin, who served as Chris Beck, is the first openly transgender Navy SEAL. We talk about the CNN documentary, Lady Valor, and Kristin’s mission to allow transgender people to serve in the US military, both of which have drawn both praise and criticism from civilians and Team guys alike. We get Beck’s take on how Lady Valor came out and where she goes from here.

Former Navy SEAL K9 trainer Mike Ritland joins us to talk about a USA Today piece by conservative pundit Jonah Goldberg, which claims that military K9s are left behind and treated the same as equipment after combat. Listen to what Mike Ritland says about this article, as well as what really happens to these brave dogs after combat. is hitting the issue of ISIS hard, so we suggest you join SOFREP today to learn what’s happening on the ground from our combat veterans and expert sources.

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