On time, on target.  In the first part of this episode, Nick Irving joins the show to interview acupuncturist and herbalist Tae Hyun Kim of Five Phases Acupuncture, located in Manhasset, NY.  Tae gives us some background into how acupuncture and other services he offers, such as PorterVision, can be used to treat PTS.  Tae urges any combat veterans with post-traumatic stress related issues to contact him, and he even generously offered his services for free to the first veteran who needs the help and gets in touch with us at [email protected].  We will of course properly vet anybody who contacts us for this offer before getting them in touch with Tae.

In the second half of the episode, Brandon Webb is back to tell us a BUD/S story with Mike Ritland.  After that we get into the trial of Eddie Ray Routh, the man on trial for the murder of Chris Kyle. We also discuss veterans such as Lee Zeldin and Ryan Zinke now in Congress, as well as former SEAL Kristin Beck, looking to make a run for Congress by taking on House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer in the Democratic primary.

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