Joining us for Episode 330 is the author of “Foxtrot in Kandahar,” Duane Evans. This book is great because not much has been written from a perspective like this on the Southern region of Afghanistan. Not to mention, Duane has a damn impressive resume serving as a Special Forces Officer, and going on to serve in the CIA with tours of duty in four continents. One of those of course being the Middle East region of Asia, specifically Afghanistan, during the inception of the war. He’s got a unique first hand view and shares some in-depth info with us.

Jack Murphy also talks about his latest investigative piece “TigerSwan: Former Delta Operator sought to incite violence at the Dakota Access Pipeline.” It’s getting plenty of attention, and a lot of scrutiny put onto the private security contractor about dubious happenings during the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. We also respond to an e-mail reacting to our previous episode talking gun control with Kurt Troter. Anything you want us to hear, shoot it over to [email protected].