Remi Adeleke, author of “Transformed: A Navy SEAL’s Unlikely Journey from the Throne of Africa, to the Streets of the Bronx, to Defying All Odds” joins the show to discuss his life from birth to now.  How he assimilated going from Nigerian royalty to hustling on the streets of the Bronx.  What movie peaked his interest in the SEALs and who helped him enlist in the Navy.  Adeleke describes the hardships he faced during BUD/S and how he was able to overcome.  He shares his experience as an African-American in the Middle East and how the military could better provide information about the experience with more African-Americans to hopefully increase enlistment. Despite acting in both movies and television, Adeleke sees himself as an author first and foremost, and ends the interview with a passionate thought on fellow SEAL Eddie Gallagher’s potential pardon from President Trump.


Along with a great interview from Remi, the guys react to the New York Times article written by former guest of the show, Dave Philipps about the possibility of President Trump pardoning more servicemen, including Navy SEAL, Eddie Gallagher, of their accused war crimes.  Over the weekend, former WWE Diva, Ashley Massaro passed away and Ian reads an excerpt from an affidavit where she describes being raped by a Marine while on an overseas trip for the WWE.  Jack was excited to share the news that his article on Special Forces Detachment A is up on Newsrep, completely unredacted.  Be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcast, let us know what you think of the show.  You can follow Remi Adeleke on Twitter & Instagram @RemiAdeleke.  Let him know what you think of his book, where you can purchase here.