On Episode 104 of SOFREP Radio, we talk with former US Navy SEAL Zach Steinbock, a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan who served with SEAL Team 4. Zach is a co-founder of Matbock, a small veteran-owned business at the forefront of designing quality gear for the military and law enforcement communities. Their stretcher systems are currently the smallest and lightest on the market. Check out their website.

As you guys know by now, Jesse Ventura won his lawsuit against the Chris Kyle estate and was awarded $1.8M. Brandon and Zach talk about the case and give their reactions to the verdict. We also talk about the many companies out there claiming to be helping the Kyle family. Unless they can say it’s a campaign supported by Chris Kyle’s estate, like our friends at Forged, don’t buy into it. A lot of these companies are brand-jacking the Chris Kyle name to sell their own products.

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