Brandon is back on the podcast discussing the Fox News documentary about Rob O’Neill, the Navy SEAL claiming to be UBL’s shooter. We talk about the aftermath of Rob O’Neill coming out publicly, along with his fellow SEAL who was a part of the raid, Matt Bissonnette (AKA Mark Owen). Brandon gives some insight into why Navy leadership is not happy with the spotlight being these two.

We also interview Green Beret and SOFREP contributor Loren Schofield and the guys over at Article 15 Clothing, Mat Best and JT. Many of you have heard Mat on the show before and are familiar with his hilarious Youtube videos; he’s a former Ranger and combat vet. JT is the Chief Marketing Officer for the company and is an Air Force Tactical Control vet who served in Iraq. We have to warn you though, things get pretty reckless and politically incorrect!

Brandon and I answer your e-mails sent to [email protected] and give an update on what’s happening on SOFREP, and and our new Spec Ops TV channel. We give a shout out to our friend Dan Kulick at Battlefield Brew Works for stepping up to the challenge and getting a SOFREP tattoo done by our friend Jason Delgado, Marine Scout Sniper and tattoo artist.

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