Happy New Year, and enjoy the final show of 2014!

Joining us this episode is Master Chief Ron Bellan, a Navy SEAL veteran of 25 years, along with his brother Jon Bellan, and former NFL player Doug Datish. Ron hosts Survive the Hunt with Jon and Doug.

Survive the Hunt is a reality hunting show about what hunting is like for everyday Americans, stripping away any of the fancy equipment and bringing it back to the basics. Survive the Hunt premieres on Tuesday December, 30 at 7PM EST on The Sportsman Channel. For those of you in Canada, it premieres at 9:30 PM EST on Wild TV. Make sure you check it out.

Brandon Webb gets into his straightforward review of American Sniper, his take on the Sony hack, what went wrong in the AirAsia Indonesia flight, and we answer your e-mails. Send questions to [email protected].

Brandon’s latest book, “Among Heroes: A U.S. Navy SEAL’s True Story of Friendship, Heroism, and The Ultimate Sacrifice” is now available for pre-order. Early reviews are calling it a modern day Band of Brothers, and he’s already received studio interest in making the book into a TV series. Buy the book early and help support Brandon and the veteran writers of SOFREP.

Thanks for your continued support, and see you 2015.