Seth Kastle, an Army combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, joins us this episode to discuss his children’s book, Why Is Dad So Mad? The book was created by Seth to find a way to explain his PTS issues to his daughter, issues he made the decision to seek help with.  He felt it was important for fellow combat veterans with similar experiences that have children to be able to have this book as a resource.  Brandon talks about how he can relate to Seth’s struggle and really appreciated him getting this book out there.

We also answer your e-mails and play some voice memos sent to [email protected]. You’ll want to check out this week’s Throat Punch, and our discussion of Hillary Clinton deleting her e-mails, specifically how this relates to Benghazi. We wrap up the show with some exclusive audio from the audio book edition of Brandon’s upcoming release, Among Heroes. Make sure you pre-order it today because Brandon has made the commitment to sign any pre-orders for those who reach out to him. Thanks for your support!