On this very special SOFREP Radio, we are doing things a little differently this episode, and giving your ears a first listen of the audio book companion to Brandon’s upcoming work, Among Heroes. This chapter delves into Brandon’s story with his BUD/S classmate, Navy SEAL Chris Campbell, among other men Brandon served with.  It also ends with a personal story straight from Cindy Campbell, Chris’s sister.

Among Heroes explores the experiences Brandon shared with the great men with whom he deployed, and honors the legacies of his fallen brothers. The addition of interviews with the family members of these men for the audio book is extremely compelling.

The release date for Among Heroes is May 26 and it is fast approaching. We highly recommend you pick up the book, and whether you pre-order or go to one of the book signings listed, you will have the chance to get the book personally signed by Brandon Webb. For all pre-orders, Brandon will be posting instructions on how to reach out for a signature once the release hits. Brandon hopes to meet all the loyal listeners of the show and readers of the site on the road!