This past week, the news has been filled with the awful, barbaric attack by Dylann Roof on the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Green Berets Jack Murphy and Derek Gannon give their take on this horrendous act, and what can be done, if anything at all, to stop this in the future.

We also get into the subjects of human trafficking, conspiracy theories, and social media. The guys give their take on the show Brandon Webb hosted interviewing Jesse Ventura. They also opine on former SEAL Marcus Luttrell and his brother standing with Governor Rick Perry for his presidential bid announcement.

We get into your emails sent to [email protected], and Jack gives an update on what he’s been working on with Jim West; they are in the final stages of Jim’s autobiography. Also, make sure you check out Sirius XM Sports Zone 92 on the weekend of July 3rd and 4th, as I host our special “Among Heroes” episode alongside Ricky Bones. Joining the special is, of course, none other than Brandon Webb, as well as veterans and UFC fighters Tim Kennedy, Liz Carmouche, and Brian Stann. We’ll give you all the details as the date approaches.