Dan Gordon joins SOFREP Radio for the first time in this week’s episode. It was a true honor having a guest of Dan’s caliber, in tandem with the legendary Nick Irving, on the show with me. Many of you are familiar with Dan’s work as a screenwriter for award-winning Hollywood films such as “The Hurricane,” starring Denzel Washington, and “Wyatt Earp,” starring Kevin Costner, but he also serves in the IDF as a sniper with the rank of captain. He is a veteran of several Israeli wars, and is the oldest member to serve in the distinguished Givanti Brigade.

Dan gives us some great insight into his latest book, “Day of the Dead: Book One—Gaza,” a realistic thriller that draws a connection between the Hamas tunnels used in Gaza to attack Israeli civilians to tunnels being used at the Mexican border by ISIS to attack Americans. Dan, who has been in those Hamas tunnels within the past year, describes them as something out of “Night of the Living Dead.” I can truly say that this was one of the most interesting interviews we’ve ever had on the show.

Nick talks about the tragic suicide of a brother in the Ranger community, as well as the GoFundMe he established to help Corporal Ben Kopp’s mother, whose house was damaged when it was struck by lightning. We also listen to Montel Williams’ reaction to Trump’s comments on McCain and POWs. It’s all here on SOFREP Radio!