The Reaper makes his first appearance of 2016 on SOFREP Radio, and it’s truly about time we brought him back on the show! His visit’s been long overdue, especially considering all that he’s been up to, from starring in the reality show “American Grit” on Fox, to being months away from the NBC prime-time show “The Reaper,” based on his book, to putting the finishing touches on his latest book, “Way of the Reaper: My Greatest Untold Missions and the Art of Being a Sniper.”

Nick tells us about his experience on the show “American Grit,” which airs on Fox Thursday nights at 9 p.m./8 p.m. CDT, and how it’s impacted his life. “American Grit” also stars wrestler John Cena as the host, and team leaders Rorke Denver (SEAL), Noah Galloway (Army sergeant), and Tawanda “Tee” Hanible (Marine).

Jack and Nick discuss how guys in the media—like both of them, as well as Leo Jenkins, Marty Skovlund, and Mat Best—have brought the 75th Ranger Regiment to the forefront. We also tell you guys a hilarious story of Nick not being allowed into the New York Athletic Club at last year’s Red Circle Foundation gala for not having on proper attire.

Last thing I want to mention: Make sure you pick up Eric Davis’s book, “Raising Men: Lessons Navy SEALs Learned From Their Training and Taught to Their Sons,” on the SOFREP imprint of St. Martin’s Press. Eric served as a Navy SEAL sniper instructor alongside Brandon Webb, and his book, which deals with valuable things he learned in the military that he later translated into fatherhood, is sure to stand out from a lot of other SEAL and military books out there.