We start off this episode with our reactions to the murders of the police officers in Dallas, the killings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, and the media circus that has surrounded these tragic events. We talk about the Black Lives Matter movement, the growing animosity toward police in this country, and the polarization of America.

Back on with us for this show is Major Fred Galvin. Many of you at the site have been reading up on Maj. Galvin’s case from the in-depth articles our writer, Nick Coffman, has put out, and were outraged at the treatment he’s received after hearing his story on episode 198. Joining him to discuss this further is Lt. Col. Steve Morgan, one of the jury members from the court of inquiry. We get more in depth with how Maj. Galvin was thrown under the bus by military members and accused of heinous acts with no hard evidence.

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