Jack Murphy is back, and joining us this episode are two very special guests: journalist and now-filmmaker Benedetta Argentieri, and Kurt T, author for SOFREP, former Marine, and volunteer fighter for the Peshmerga. We get to your emails sent to [email protected], and Kurt talks about what it’s like working with the Peshmerga in Kurdistan. He was in New York for the weekend, so he stayed over with Jack. They get into some interesting stories during the episode.

Benedetta (or Benni, as we know her) talks about “Our War,” the documentary she helped direct that will be premiering at the Venice Film Festival. “Our War” is about the YPG (or People’s Protection Units) in Rojava. It focuses on Joshua Bell, Karim Franceshi, and Rafael Kardari—all volunteer fighters from around the globe. The trailer is now up on Facebook, and Benni gives us an idea of where the film may go from here.