Clint Emerson is on as Brandon Webb hosts to talk about the Survival Edition that comes out this week for his best-selling book “100 Deadly Skills.”  It’s available for pre-order now, and the former SEAL gives us some background into what’s contained in here that the original printing didn’t have.  We get into having a plan during emergency situations, the Presidential election, as well as your e-mails sent to [email protected]


We also cover two articles, those being Jack Murphy’s latest “Meet America’s think-tank fellows who support Jihad” and an article our friend Kris Paronto did for Independent Journal Review, “I Survived The Benghazi Attacks – Then A Woman Told Me ‘I Believe You’ And Literally Saved My Life.”  Check those out for yourself.


Last, I need to mention that we recorded this prior to hearing about the passing of Delta Force Commander and military author Dalton Fury.  We send our deepest regards to his family, as well as the families affected by Hurricane Matthew.