Ian Scotto here back from Las Vegas, and let me tell you, the Hurricane Group house was packed with a lot of names familiar to you the listeners, and shit did indeed get rowdy.  From the SOFREP end of things we had Jack Murphy, James Powell, The Odyssean, Kurt Troter, and Alex Hollings.  And our friends from The Loadout Room and The Arms Guide were there: Travis Pike, Erik Meisner, Rex Nanorum, Mark Miller, and Scott Witner.  Even more familiar names came out for the annual Team Room/Crate Club event including Frumentarius and Christian Prosser who you’ll hear from.

I start off sitting down at the house with Kurt, Travis, Erik, Mark, Scott, and Jens (A.K.A. Rex) and hearing about their experiences at media range day.  You’ll hear which firearms really impressed the guys, and some of the big names in attendance to the exclusive event including Instructor Zero, and regular on the podcast, Kris “Tanto” Paronto.  I’m then off to the Team Room event at Sierra Gold that couldn’t have been more awesome. What an experience meeting all of you who loyally listen to the podcast, I’m always humbled and impressed by our audience. Be sure to keep your eyes on SOFREP.com and especially the Loadout Room for more great content as SHOT Show 2018 continues on.