We’re fresh off the heels of the Presidential election, and the question on our minds is, how exactly did this happen?  We try to make some sense of this “YUGE” upset (as Trump would put it), and even take some e-mails giving Jack Murphy a hard time after proclaiming that he’d eat his shoe if Trump won.

Our special guest is Ivan Castro, author of “Fighting Blind: A Green Beret’s Story of Extraordinary Courage,” along with his co-author Jim DeFelice who also co-wrote Chris Kyle’s memoir, “American Sniper.”  Ivan is a Green Beret who lost his eyesight in combat and went back into the military the next year.  Ivan has also run dozens of marathons without his eyesight, including the 2013 Boston Marathon.  We hear what that was like, and what keeps him inspired to Ranger on.  The book is out today, so we suggest that you pick it up, and get a perspective on what a true warrior’s mentality is during the worst of life’s scenarios.